Rosemary's Gardeners - All Natural Handmade Soap


Rosemary's Gardeners Soap, Clean the grime away the healthy way!"

A revitalizing blend of rosemary, fresh garden herbs and mint. 
Interesting Facts:
Pumice is a volcanic ash which is formed when lava is permeated with gas bubbles during the solidification process. Because lava has similar properties and chemical make-up as glass, pumice is very abrasive but unlike glass, it is very soft. Pumice is the softest abrasive media in use today. All Natural.

The all-natural, pumice way to cut through the grime & dirt after a long day of getting down & dirty!

Our triple butter Soaps are all-natural, handcrafted soaps. The creamy butters in the soap helps to soothe & protect skin while creating a luxurious

 lather & releasing an unforgettable rosemary oil. Sonny & Dew  Soaps leave skin so supple, the healthy glow is noticeable by others!

* Palm-Oil Free * Gluten Free * Paraben Free * Phosphate Free * Phthalate Free * Sulfate Free