Luxuriously moisturizing Raspberry Vanilla Gift Set

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Transform your skin with this hydrating super duo. The decadent, Raspberry Vanilla moisturizing body butter and the creamy Exfoliating sugar scrub are both packed with some of our most skin-softening ingredients. Wash away troubles (and dirt) with Our Raspberry Vanilla Sugar Scrubs rich, creamy lather, and then spread on a generous amount of Moisturizing Body Butter. Rinse away and leave the shower feeling irresistibly soft and smooth.Refreshing treats are sure to leave you with softened skin and a bright outlook.It’s two of our most popular products together in one gorgeous gift.

Kit Contains 
1- 4oz Raspberry Vanilla Moisturizing Body Butter 
1-4oz Raspberry Vanilla Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
1-3oz Honey bee Luxury Bath Bomb 
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