• Facial Skin Care Kits

    $65.50 $55.00

    Well, we've finally done it! Now you can get 3 of our fantastic all-natural facial drench in a perfect little kit.

    Not sure which facial kit is the best for you?  Have skin that can't decide if it wants to be oily/dry/acne-prone or all three? Get all the scrubs and use the one that addresses your skin's personality on any given day! Or maybe you're the "variety is the spice of life type" and just prefer to switch things up on a regular basis. This is the package for you.
    SENSITIVE- Honey Facial Bar, Oatmeal Facial Scrub, Lift Me Up
    NORMAL- Honey Facial Bar, Perk Me Up, Timeless 
    * Best Seller*
    AGE-DEFYING- Honey Facial Bar, Charcoal Rub Scrub, Wrinkle Avenger